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60 (Q.   BRAYIDA.


PeorJe and their habits i I had to see   the   good  and evil
r'tispect/of tiielife) of the Dravidts. Colam is the staple food ;

serves for curry; and kanjee for
"wiper." Butter-milk is rare : and the cJiainis are bitter. Sugar-
cttVe juice is plenty. Food is cooked on <HB<'* of dried dung.
t-akea, and the water has to be fetched from the street wells.
Tae people bear strange names ; they hare wide mouths, hang-
ri* lobes and shaven heads. Their women are bare-breasted.
There is a twist in every word they utter. Their fields are small
and the ploughs which are drawn by the buffaloes tiny. But
the mango groves are shady, vavilis dense, and the padis (I)

green    '23).

The Tamil Pillai : The Tamil Pillai is the veritable calf of
au elephant in consuming food ; a pigling in flight ; a kitten in
spoiling things ; and a monkey in appearance (24).

Feast* : They serve, at first, caru (rasam) spiced strongly
with pepper, the pungency of which penetrates like some hot
vapour into the ears ; the caustic odour of the mustard with
which the paccadis are prepared finds its way into the brain ;
the currv made of fried aviSe (flax) leaves destroys the health
for a period of six months ; parimela (?) tests the strength of
the teeth : the sight of the powder of the dried margosa leaves
in the plate is enough to cause vomiturition. The dinner in a
Tumil household is a fraud. Nevertheless, they praise, without
a sense of hum our, the sumptuous character of their feasts (25).


Malliiarjunaraya ruled at Vijayanagara for 19 years from
. S. 1354, Parldhavi to S. S. 1372, Pramoduta. *

Kaijijat of Malamidi-KambkUladinne, L.R. 37, p. 301.



Two sous, Pina-Singama and Annama, were born to Peda
When Anna  lay encamped   outside   Arukacenu

* Tli date* axe wrang,